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Anti Aging with AHA

 TITLE Effects of Alpha Hydroxy Acids on Photoaged Skin: A Pilot Clinical, Histologic and Ultrastructural Study
AUTHOR Eugene J. Van Scott, MD, Ruey J. Yu, PhD, Cherie M. Ditre, MD et al.
PUBLICATION Journal of American Academy of Dermatology
YEAR 1996


During this study of about 6 months, it was showed that treatment with Alpha Hydroxy Acids promotes an approximate 25% increase in skin thickness. The epidermis was thicker and papillary dermal changes included increased thickness, increased acid mucopolysaccharides, improved quality of elastic fibers, and increased density of collagen.


Plumping the skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles

  • Marked improvement in skin plumpness after 6 months of usage.
  • Improvement in the appearance of dyspigmentation after usage of 25% AHA lotion.
  • Improve in the appearance of fine lines and dark pigments are less visible too.

Left: Control right forearm after 6 months of treatment with inactive lotion
Right: Left forearm of same patient after 6 months of treatment with 25% AHA lotion

Further assurance on the efficacy of AHAs for anti-aging

  • Significant improvement in epidermal thickness, increasing 25% of skin thickness after treatment. This improvement will decrease the visibility and improvement the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and folds.
  • Increase in skin thickness appears to be caused by increased synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and collagen, and elastic fibers. These are all important components to keep the skin firm and youthful.

Top: Arm without treatment
Bottom: AHA-treated arm; obvious increment of epidermal thickness